Regenbogen = Rainbow

We name ourselves Regenbogen as it means rainbow in German. Life works just as how our mother earth does. A storm comes, it brings fear to us but when the skies clear up, a rainbow appears and bring happiness into our lives.  As members of the LGBTQ+ community, it brings a lot of courage to come out to the society.

We need support from people we love to feel safe and be who we are.

We do not accept differences among you and me, because we are all one.

A world can only have peace when we have equality.

We design apparels that gives comfort and spreading message me and you care about.

“Wear the shirt, spread the word” 

We are 100% LGBT owned company.

We also designed some apparels for those who are not comfortable in revealing themselves too much 



One thing we have realised being Southeast Asians is that we do not get much support when it comes to the topic LGBT. Most of us are closeted and need shoulders to lay on when we are struggling to stay above the surface. 

This is why we have the vision to help the LGBT community in Asia by donating a small portion of our profit to LGBT organizations in Asia which have been fighting the taboo since day one. 



We care the best for our customers!

We do not support mass productions.

Our products are produced based on demands.

We source our products and fabrics from brands that are ethical and suppliers that follow labor, environmental, and safety standards.



We use printers that are energy saving: they consume less electricity, water and chemicals than standard industry printers. 

We dispose inks by following ink supplier guidelines to ensure we do not harm the environment.

We try to handle documents as electronically as we can to reduce paper waste. 


We are 100% LGBT+ owned and operated. We design, produce, provide customer service, marketing and everything else that goes into running Regenbogen. So you could support LGBT small business by supporting us.

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